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Corser Concepts Motorcycle School is a motorcycle skills and balance improvement course aimed at teaching ALL motorcycle riders to become safer more confident riders. Our NSW motorcycle training centre is located in Wollongong (south of Sydney) and has been running since 2007. Our course helps you focus on improving your cornering techniques for safety and speed while improving your abilities going into a corner, getting out of a corner, and if need be, past the competition.

We offer a variety of motorcycle lessons, including; lessons for the complete novice who want to improve their confidence, to the more advanced rider who wants to learn the art of sliding.

All of our motorcycle training schools are held in a safe, controlled, fun environment on board light and nimble 125cc 4 stroke motorcycles. We have experienced instructors who are devoted to helping you gain confidence, improve your skills and become a better safer ride.

Please feel free to surf our web site and contact us if you have any further questions. We look forward to hearing from you!


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Corser Concepts Motorcycle School is a Motorcycle skills and balance improvement course aimed at teaching ALL Motorcycle Riders to become safer more confident riders.


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Where are the courses held?

We are located at a property in Albion Park NSW which is 20 mins south of Wollongong or 80 mins south of Sydney.

What course should I take? Beginner course, Intermediate or the Racer course?

If you have just started out riding motorcycles and don’t yet feel like you have the confidence or skills to be out amongst the traffic or other riders then we recommend the Basic course. The start of the day consists of going over all the controls and there functions like smooth Throttle, Brake, Clutch control then we move onto correct body position,line selection, braking points etc. We keep practicing until you feel comfortable and build up from there so that you leave feeling confident about being able to mix it with other traffic.
The Intermediate course is similar but the speed and aggression levels are higher then the beginner course. Our Intermediate course applies to people that have ridden before but have not been on a bike for a while and need to regain confidence by regaining there skills. We find that by spending the day getting used to riding a motorcycle with less traction, both skill and confidence is increased, plus it is a lot of fun. Most of the elite Road Racers have come from a dirt bike background.
Our advanced course covers exactly the same riding skills as the intermediate course but at a much higher difficulty level.

How much does it cost?

The Course Cost is $395 per person which includes a Motorcycling Australia Day License and add and $695 for 2 day adventure course. Corser Concepts reserves the right to change this fee as it sees fit for any marketing purposes. We are positive that after taking one of our courses you will leave completely satisfied with your newfound confidence and skills plus you will have had an awesome time in the process.

How long does the course take?

All group courses take approx 6 hours including lunch. 1 on 1 courses are 4hrs

How many people will be in one class?

Our classes are kept small and have no more than six students at a time. This is to ensure that all students are well supervised and receive a more personal approach.

What kind of riding gear do I need?

We supply Moto Cross Helmet, Goggles, Gloves and a riding Jersey.We recommend Dirt bike/ Motocross riding gear as this is the most comfortable and practical. If you have your own Motocross Jersey, Pants, Kneepads, Elbow pads, and Gloves please bring them along. If you don,t have any riding gear thats ok but please bring Jeans, Jumper and a pair of over the anklehigh boots "Blundstone style- Avoid Steelcaps" as a minimum. Our Schools are not a fashion contest so as long as it is safe and offers the right amount of protection we are happy. Road race suit or two piece leathers are acceptable but we advise that these can be a little more restrictive and they could get dirty. Full face Road style Helmet work fine, however a motocross helmet with a good pair of goggles has a less tendency to fog up whilst riding or waiting for instructions. Most students prefer to wear motocross style gloves as they off good protection and are less restrictive then leather gloves. Road riding/Touring style Boots are the best as they offer plenty of protection and are less restrictive then a set of motocross boots. Once again, we do have limited riding gear available for students to use but please let us know beforehand and we will do our best to arrange.

I've never ridden on dirt before. Is your school for me?

Definitely!! We provide the opportunity to learn what a motorcycle feels like when it is out of control all at a slow reasonable speed. The techniques apply to every type of motorcycle discipline you might be into.

I'm a street bike rider. Will your school help my riding?

A large number of students are social street riders. We all know of some of the dangerous situations that occur when riding on the open road. Our school curriculum will better prepare you for these real world experiences. E.g. A panic stop on the street is exactly what we are practicing but all in a controlled environment at lower speeds.

Pricing & Policies

6 Hrs course in a group

4 Hrs as a 1 on 1 session

Your very own Yamaha TTR90/125, Honda XR100 or Honda CRF150F

Light refreshments



Riding gear I.e Helmet, Goggles, Gloves, Jersey

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One of the most fun filled days on a bike

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